Harrimans In the Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War affected every family in the colonies, eventually involving all 13 of what would become the original states. But much of the action in the early days took place in New England and more specifically in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It is small wonder, then, that many of our Harriman ancestors appear on lists of soldiers and sailors serving in the Revolution. In examining our HFA database maintained by Sue Bixby we find that the names associated with the Revolution can be placed into one of at least three categories:

  1. service that is well documented, often by pension papers, where the identity of the individual is clear
  2. service that is questionable or by inference or that in which the identity of the person cannot be clearly resolved, such as the many Johns who may have lived in the same area or a father and son with the same name. Many boys served as well as older men, so that age cannot be used to determine whether it was the father or son
  3. Harriman wives of men who served (“they also serve who only stand and wait.”) They also fall into categories 1 or 2.

In this series of articles we will present brief summaries of those Revolutionary War Harrimans beginning with category 1. Due to the number of names involved only a minimum of detail is given here, but the HFA database contains a wealth of information for most of the people named and we can provide that on request.

We have also compared our list of names against the Patriot Index provided by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Many of our Harrimans of category 1 have been used as proof of eligibility in the DAR and their record number (ancestor number) is given here. However, others have not been used and still others show that their only “service” was to sign the Association Test (see the HFA newsletter of December 1987 Vol. 1, Number 1.) Those latter have not been included here. We also find that in a few cases the facts given in the DAR application are incorrect. Early applications were not held to the same standards as today and anyone applying for membership today based on a previous application may be required to re-prove the facts of their case.

The first number given is the TMG number, the reference in the database. That is followed by the name, birth and death dates and the DAR number, if applicable. All are descendants of either Leonard of Rowley or John of New Haven.

These files were originally printed in the three 2011 issues of the newsletter, volume XXV.

Note that some DAR numbers require an A in front of the number. Go to dar.org, then Genealogy, then DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) then Ancestor to find the record.

203 Peter Harriman (1727 – 1815) DAR 051336

Peter4=> John3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

"The History of Goffstown" reports Peter as a Revolutionary War soldier and he is in "Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots," Vol. 2. A Peter Herriman was a private at West Point in 1780, under Capt. John Eastman's Co., Col. Thomas Bartlett's Regt. of Militia. A Peter Harriman is recorded in 1777 with Capt. Ezekiel Gile's Company from Plaistow (Moses and "Esop" Harriman in same company). In a biographical sketch of his great-grandson, James Sumner Rogers, son of Joanna (Harriman) Rogers, it is stated that Peter Harriman served during the Revolution in the 7th NH militia and his son, James, settled on land in Orrington, Maine, that was "government land" granted to Peter for services during the war.

204 Asahel Harriman (1731 -  )

Asahel 4=> John3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

He served in the Mass. militia as a Lieut. in Capt. Key's 2nd Co., and also served with Capt. Buck's Co.; perhaps is the "Esop" Harriman serving with Peter and Moses Harriman in Capt. Ezekiel Gile's Co. in 1777. He was a 1st Lieutenant in the 1776 militia formed in Bucksport - it was assigned duty from "Bucks Lege to the lower part of the Penobscot".

210 Joel Harriman (1738 - 1823 )

Joel4=> Richard3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

He was a Minuteman in Capt. Joseph Sawyer's Co. He received pay of 9 shillings bounty money on 23 May 1778. In 1779 he lent the town of Haverhill, Mass., £30 pounds to hire soldiers. He enlisted as a corporal 17 September 1779 and served one month and a day in the forts at Boston harbor.

227 Philip Harriman (1746 – aft 1812)

Philip4=> Leonard Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

He enlisted in the Cumberland County, Vermont, Minutemen, Capt. Josiah Hatch's Co. of Rangers, which his brother, Moses (229), was also in. Philip supposedly also served out of Concord N.H., enlisting a week after brother Moses, on 14 Aug. 1776. He is on the muster rolls with wages recorded at £2.0.0.

229 Moses Harriman (1751 – bef 1780)

Moses4=> Leonard Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

He enlisted 26 November 1775 with brother, Leonard (231), in Capt. Charles Nelson's Company, Maj. John Brown's Detachment "now in the service of the United Colonies," as shown on a muster roll dated at camp near Quebec 17 February 1776. In August 1776 he enlisted with brother Philip in Capt. Joseph Hatches' Co. of Rangers, Maj. Joab Hoisinton's command, under Lt. Simeon Stevens. Muster roll records wages of £2.0.0.

231 Leonard Harriman (c1757 – c1833)

Leonard4=> Leonard Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

"Enumerated Liste of all the Men in Conway [N.H.] that is able to Bear arms From Sixteen, and upwards..." includes “Lenard Haraman” (no other Harriman is listed – this could be Leonard, Jr., or Sr.) The name of "Leonard Hearman" is also on the alarm list for the town of Conway. He enlisted with brother Moses (229) in Capt. Charles Nelson's Co., Major John Brown's Detachment and appears on the muster roll at camp near Quebec on 17 February1776. Also a Leonard Herriman, private, is on a 1776 list of "Capt. James Osgood's Party" to be paid £5.17.5 (but this could be some other Leonard). He is listed as a scout in Capt. Charles Nelson's Company, Major John Brown's Regt.; the 1780 scout payroll shows six days' service, 1.4/day; 40 miles - 4d, total = £1.1.4 and he is also on the payroll of Major John Barron's scouts from Mooretown, later called Bradford, Vermont.

May be confused with his father.

247 William Harriman (c1757 – 1795)


Possibly the William Harriman of Hampstead, N.H., who served in the Mass. militia, as a matross (a soldier of artillery, who ranked next below a gunner.): see Mass. Rolls 7:667, 770. A William Herriman served from Hampstead in 1775 - his name is on an account list for "Blankets."

289 Moses Harriman (1737 – 1784) DAR #51332

Moses4=> Nathaniel3=> Jonathan2=> Leonard1

He voted as part of a committee to formulate a plan "To give encouragement to such men as incline to enlist as minute-men". He is on the muster roll of Capt. Nathaniel Gage’s company of Minute-men, Lexington alarm, April 19, 1775. Marched to Cambridge; time: 7 days. Lt. Moses Harriman is on a muster roll of a detachment of the second foot company in Bradford, who marched for the defense of Cape Ann on the 30th of November 1775 under the command of Capt. John Savory; time of service: five days.

"It was Voted, to hire 8 men for nine months to fill up the Continental Army, and Capt. Nathaniel Gage, Capt. John Savory, Lt. Daniel Kimball, Lt. Moses Harriman, Lt. Thomas Stickney and Benjamin Walker were chosen a committee and empowered to hire the above said number of men. Voted, that the Town Treasurer hire a sum of money sufficient to hire said number of men, and deliver it to the above said committee, he taking their receipt for the sum delivered, and also to be accountable to the Town."

"Voted, to choose a committee to hire 3 men of the militia to go to Rhode Island, and 7 to fill up our quota of the Continental army for the term of nine months, accordingly made choice of Capt. John Savary, Lt. Moses Harriman, Lt. Nathaniel Plummer, Lt. Eliphalet Hardy and Lt. Thomas Stckney (sic), as a committee for the purpose. Voted, to raise four thousand pounds to defray the cost and charges of raising said soldiers".

"Voted: To hire ten men to join General Washington’s army at New York, and to do duty as soldiers for the term of three months, if not sooner discharged. Made choice of the following persons as a committee for the above, viz: Messrs. Nathaniel Gage, Daniel Kimball, Joseph Mulliken, John Savory, Thomas Stickney, Moses Harriman, Thomas Kimball, Samuel Adams, Phineas Carlton, Solomon Tenney, Thomas Webster, Peter Russell, John Head, William Savory, Daniel Thurston, Thomas Tenney, Benjamin Walker, Eliphalet Hale, Benjamin Muzzy and Nathaniel Plumer."

"Voted: To choose a committee to hire 16 men to serve as soldiers in the Continental Army for the term of six months; accordingly made choice of Capt. Nathaniel Gage, Lt. Daniel Kimball, Thomas Savory, Lt. Thomas Stickney, Lt. Eliphalet Hardy, Dr. Thomas Tenney, Lt. Moses Harriman, ..." All of the above is printed in "An Historical Sketch Of Bradford Mass., in the Revolution," by Louis A. Woodbury, 1895, pp. 75-76.

320 Ebenezer Harriman (1734 - 1826 )  DAR 51314

Ebenezer5=> Joshua4=> Matthew Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

In 1776 "Ens'n Eben'r Heramon" refused to sign the Association Test; however, he commanded the town militia after the Revolution began. Ebenezer Harriman and three other committee men presented a petition to the town of Henniker in support of payments to soldiers who have been "in the service of the United States since April ye 19th, 1775". It was suggested that soldiers in the campaign at Bunker Hill be awarded 18 shillings a month; those who served at Portsmouth be awarded 12 shillings per month and soldiers who served "at New York on Ticonderoga" be awarded 18 shillings per month.

330 Amos Harriman (1754 – 1824)

Amos5=> Joshua4=> Matthew Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

This may be the Amos Herriman, private, in Capt. John Davis's co., Col. James Frye's regt., but that has not been proven. He is on a company return dated Cambridge, Oct. 5, 1775. Also service in 1780: "Herriman, Amos, Fryeburg [Me.]. Private, Capt. Josiah Davis's co., Col. Joseph Prime's (York Co. [Me.]) regt.; joined June 11, 1780; discharged Dec. 8, 1780; service, 6 mos.; enlistment, 8 months; company raised for defense of eastern Massachusetts. Roll sworn to at Arundel." Children of Amos were born in Chatham, N.H. and Fryeburg, Me. Arundel is in York County, Maine, and other soldiers were sworn to there.

331 Moses Harriman (1756 – 1832)

Moses5=>Joshua4=>Matthew Jr.3=>Matthew2=> Leonard1

Enlisted in A. Cogswell's Co., Col. Watson's Regt. of the Massachusetts line for one year and was discharged in January 1777. Enlisted for 9 months in Capt. Dix's Co., Weston's Regt., Mass. line and was discharged 24 February 1779. He also served for three months at West Point “at the time that Arnold sold that place” (1780). Probably the Moses who enlisted 3 July 1780 as a private under Capt. R. Titcomb, Col. Wade's Regt., composed of men from Newbury, Newburyport, and Amesbury, MA.

336 Reuben Harriman (1725 – 1808) DAR 051338

Reuben5=> Joseph4=> Matthew Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

Between 1775 and 1783 these Harrimans were listed as having served from Hampstead: William, Reuben, Joshua and Capt. John. Reuben seems quite old to have seen active service, but there is no other known Reuben Harriman at this time that could have served. Noyes' "Memorial to the Church of Hampstead" states: he enlisted "in the company to go on an expedition now on foot to the State of Rhode Island." That source also claims there is a torn receipt in the "Record and Pension" Bureau in Washington DC showing that "Lieut. Moses Little received 20 pounds for Reuven Harrim__ [torn]"

351 Enoch Harriman (1736-1823) DAR A051315

Enoch4=> John3=> Jonathan2=> Leonard1

It has now been determined that the sergeant in the Revolutionary War was almost certainly Enoch Merriman from Connecticut, not Enoch Harriman of Rowley. There is no evidence that the latter served in the Revolution. The DAR application lists Warden, 1775, Tythingman, 1776-77, Surveyor Of Highways.

375 Jeremiah Harriman (1740-1824)

Jeremiah4=> Jeremiah3=> Jonathan2=> Leonard1

He was a private in Capt. Thomas Mighill's (Rowley) company of Minute-men, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 33 days.

376 William Harriman (1743-1777)

William4=> Jeremiah3=> Jonathan2=> Leonard1

He is probably the William Harriman, private, from Rowley, MA, that served in Capt. Thos. Mighill's Co., Col. Baldwin's Regt. in 1775. He marched as an aide to Lexington, Sewall's Point, on 26 September 1775, remained there a few days, and then home again. On 27 June 1777 he died in the Revolutionary War.

395 Samuel Harriman (1752-1824) DAR A051340

Samuel5=> William4=> Richard3=> John Jr.2=> John1

From "Historical and Biographical Concerning Elizabethtown, New Jersey" by Nicholas Murray: "It was on this second march of Knyphausen [British forces] upon Springfield [NJ, June 1780], that the following incident occurred: As the main body had turned the corner opposite the present residence of Mr. Richard Townley, a few young men, in the very sight of the army, and within musket shot of it, captured the guard and baggage, and horses, of a Colonel Fox. The baggage was afterwards sold at auction for upwards of one thousand dollars; and one of the four prisoners being a colored man, was taken to Philadelphia, and there sold into slavery. Among the individuals engaged in this exploit were Samuel Harriman, David Woodruff, Jesse Woodruff, Elihu Gale, Elihu Ogden, James Chandler, Henry Inslee and Mr. David Lyon. "

From "History of Hillside, N.J...,": "The baggage of Colonel Fox contained plate bearing upon it the figure of a fox and was also captured. This plate was in the possession of the Harriman family of Elizabeth for some time after the close of the war... David Lyon, as an old man years after the Revolution, often related this incident in which he was one of the participants."

From "History of Essex and Hudson Counties, New Jersey” we learn that Samuel Herriman was a private in the Continental Army.

He was a private in the Morris County militia, per "Men from Morris County... who Served in the ... Revolution".


431 Capt. Stephen Harriman (1728-1804) DAR A051342

Stephen5=> Stephen4=> Matthew Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

He did "patriotic service" in the Revolution, according to the DAR. Records of the 15th Regiment, 13th Company, from Hopkinton, NH, include a mention of Stephen Herriman, Captain, enlisting 7 March 1774; SAR account of great-grandsons, Herbert and Eugene Rolfe, state he was a private in the NH militia, but that is more likely to be the service of his son, Stephen.


432 Edmund Harriman (1729-1767)

Edmund Harriman is listed in Soldiers and Sailors, but the only Edmund Harriman in our database died in 1767. No other Edmund or Edmond is found for this time period.


436 Asa Harriman (1737-1823) DAR # 51311

Asa5=> Stephen4=> Matthew Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

He was a Lieutenant in the Revolution, Capt. [Jonathan] Buck's Co., MA militia, serving for about 2 weeks on the Penobscot expedition; he also served from 3 September 1779 to 22 October 1779.


453 Page Harriman (1736- )

Page5=> Nathaniel4=> Matthew Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

He enlisted 19 May 1777, 1st NH Regt., Capt. Isaac Farwell's Co. under Col. Joseph Cilley (organized 1775 and made up of mostly Hillsborough and Rockingham County [NH] men) - notation in rolls for December 1778 says "Page Herriman - Sick at Hartford since November 20 '78"; NH State Papers show a Page Herriman, private in the 7th NH under Col. Jos. Cilley in 1780. He is also recorded in records with "Harryman" spelling and as "Page Hariman"


568 Moses Harriman

This may be the Moses Harriman who served with Peter and "Esop" (Asahel??) Harriman in Capt. Ezekiel Gile's Company from Plaistow, but has not been confirmed.


610 Daniel Harriman (1754-1826) DAR A051312

Daniel5=> Asahel4=> John3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

"Harriman, Daniel. Private, Capt. William Reed's Co.; enlisted Aug. 19, 1777; discharged Sept. 28, 1777; service, 1 mo. 10 days; company called out from several townships by order of Col. Jonathan Buck for service at Machias." Probably also the Daniel who served with Capt. Buck's Co.


612 Ezekial Harriman (1757-1809) DAR A051317

Ezekiel5=> Asahel4=> John3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

Served in the Revolution as a Corporal, Mass. militia, Capt. Buck's Co.


613 Peter Harriman (1761-1851)

Peter5=> Asahel4=> John3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

Served as a private during the Revolution in Capt. Ebenezer Buck's Co., Col. Josiah Brewer's Regt., Gen. Lovell's brigade, MA militia, Penobscot expedition


632 Simon Harriman (1761-1837) DAR 051341

Simon5=> Joel4=> Richard3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

Enlisted as a private under Capt. Johnson, Col. Titcomb's Regt. of the Mass. line for 3 months. Marched to Providence and Bristol RI and was verbally discharged August 1777. Enlisted a second time for 5 months under Capt. Eaton, Col. Johnson's Regt. and was at Ticonderoga, then marched to Stillwater. He was in the battle of Stillwater under General Gales. The enemy retreated and his company followed to Saratoga. They were then ordered to Albany, then downriver to near King's bridge, where he was verbally discharged.

    In 1778, he enlisted for 6 months under Capt. Evans, Col. Wade's Regt. and marched to King's Island with General Sullivan, then to North Kingston to the end of his term of service. He served one month more than he had enlisted for. In 1779, he again enlisted for 4 months in Capt. Webster's Co., Col. Gerrish's Regt. They marched to Albany then to Greenbush, where he was verbally discharged. Then went to West Point and served an extra month. He was there at the time of Arnold's escape. In 1781, he enlisted in Capt. Gage's Co., Webbs Regt. for 4 months and marched to West Point, then on to Peeksill where he was discharged.


633 Trueworthy Harriman (1763-1831)

Trueworthy5=> Joel4=> Richard3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

A Trueworthy Herriman is a soldier in the Revolutionary War as listed in: "Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev. War." vol. 7: 770; enlisted with his father, Joel, in September 1779 and served about one month at the forts in Boston Harbor


659 Joab Harriman (1760-1834) DAR 0151321

Joab5=> Jaasiel4=> Abner3=> Matthew2=> Leonard1

He enlisted as a private for 9 months in Capt. Pettengill's Co., Col. James Wilson's Regt., Massachusetts line. Discharged at "a place called soldier's fortune near West Point" in March 1779. Joab, apparently, was a prisoner for a time on a British ship.


862 Elder John Harriman (1753-1816)

John1=> John2=> John3=> Jonathan4=> Leonard5

Probably the John Harriman of Hampstead [N. H.], Corporal, Capt. Jeremiah Gilman's Co., Col. John Nixon's (5th) regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 16, 1775; service, 2 mos. 21 days; also, company return dated Sept. 30, 1775; also, order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money certified at Winter Hill, Dec. 25, 1775.

SSWR: Secretary of the Commonwealth, Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution Vol. VII (Boston: Wright and Potter Printing Co., 1896).


903 Jonathan Harriman (1753-1839) DAR 051324

Jonathan5=> Nathaniel4=> Matthew Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard Harriman1

1780 - Secretary of the Commonwealth, Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution Vol. VII (Boston: Wright and Potter Printing Co., 1896) p769: Herriman, Jonathan. Pay roll for 6 months men raised by the town of Hadley for service in the Continental Army during 1780; marched July 5, 1780; discharged Jan. 6, 1781; service, 6 mos. 7 days, including travel (120 miles) home.

   Pension application papers of Jonathan detail his service thus: about May or June 1781 (could be earlier or later, according to Jonathan, who has lost his papers) he enlisted as a private at "Old Hadley in the state of Massachusetts" in the Company commanded by Capt. Joshua Benson, in Col. Putnam's Regt. in the Mass. line. served to March or thereabouts "next after his enlistment" and was discharged at or near West Point NY. His pension enrollment file shows 9 months duty from June 1778 to March 1779 in Capt. Benson's Company, Col. Putnam's Regt. in the Mass line.


1601 Jacob Harriman (1762-1835)

Jacob6=> Jacob5=> John4=> Joseph3=> John Jr.2=> John Harriman1

1780 - enlisted in the New Jersey militia at age 18 as a private under Capt. Hall/Col. Hathaway as a substitute for John Meenan for 1 month; then as a substitute for 2 months for Joseph Herriman under Lt. Morris; thirdly as a volunteer under Capt. Hall for 1 month; 4th - he was drafted into Capt. Hall's command; 5th - drafted for 1 month with Gen. Winds Division; 6th - enlisted for 3 months under Capt. Stephen Baldwin


2002 John Harriman (1731-1806)

John J.5=> John4=> Joseph3=> John Jr.2=> John Harriman1

1778 - served with his brothers Richard, Stephen and Jacob; "Men from Morris County... who Served in the... Revolution" says he was a private in the Essex Co. [NJ] militia.


2019 Richard Harriman (1741-  )

Richard5=> John4=> Joseph3=> John Jr.2=> John Harriman1

1775 - served with his brothers Jacob, Stephen and John J. Harriman; probably the Richard "Hearman", private, with service record stored in roll box #92 at the National Archives; private, Capt. Silas Howell's Co.


2020 Jacob Harriman (1743-  )

Jacob5=> John4=> Joseph3=> John Jr.2=> John Harriman1

1775 - served with his brothers Richard, Stephen and John J. Harriman; a private in the Morris County militia.


3684 Nathaniel Harriman (c1758-c1809)

Nathaniel5=> Nathaniel4=> Matthew Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard Harriman1

1776 - Secretary of the Commonwealth, Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution Vol. VII (Boston: Wright and Potter Printing Co., 1896) p769: Herriman, Nathaniel, Hadley. Capt. James Hendrick's co.; pay abstract for mileage to and from headquarters, dated Charlestown Camp No. 3, Jan. 13, 1776; distance to headquarters 100 miles.

Other service by "Nathaniel Herriman" which  may or may not be the Nathaniel(s) from Hadley or Chesterfield, MA:   Private, Capt. Joshua Parker's co., Col. Nathaniel Wade's regt.; enlisted June 22, 1778; service at Rhode Island; enlistment to expire Jan. 1, 1779. 

Private, Capt. Josiah Smith's co., Col. Whitney's regt.; service from Aug. 1, 1776, to Nov. 1, 1776, 3 mos.


5966 Capt. Stephen Harriman , Jr. (1757-1828) DAR A051344

Stephen Jr.6=> Stephen5=> Stephen4=> Matthew Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard Harriman1

1777 – private 3rd Continental Regt., Co. 5, Col. Starks Brigade, Col. Stickney's Regt., Capt. Joshua Bailey's Co., two months service; was with Capt. Bailey at Bennington; discharged at Stillwater "the 20th of the next September" (History of Merrimack and Belknap Counties...")


8706 Joshua Jewett Harriman (1762-1823) DAR A051326

Joshua Jewett6=> Asa5=> Stephen4=> Matthew Jr.3=> Matthew2=> Leonard Harriman1

1780 - enlisted as a private in Capt. William Scott's Co., Col. Henry Jackson's 9th MA regt, at Hampstead NH; garrison duty at West Point; also supposedly one of "Roger's Rangers" and marched in two of the Penobscot Expeditions.

   Called a "soldier of the Revolution" in his son's (Eliakim) death notice in 1900.